What “Was” in Incline Village ,Nevada real estate in 2009

December 31, 2009

After today we are moving forward into a New Year,yeah.For all of us it’s time to refocus and recharge whether it’s business or pleasure.
Let’s look at the brass tacks in the Incline Village real estate market in 2009:

89 homes sold in 2009 vs 85 in 2008 (per our mls)There might be secret listings which sold and are not disclosed .
Of those 89::
5 above $4 million vs 2 in 2008
20 $2million-$4m vs 9 in 2008
21 $1m-$2m vs 34 in 2008
14 $999k-$700k vs.27 in 2008
15 $500-$699k vs.9 in 2008
10 under $500k and 0 in 2008

What about condo’s and townhomes?

69 condo’s sold in 2009 vs 64 in 2008
The most significant change in 2009,was 50 condo’s sold for under $500kand 11 condos for under or at $200k.Some severe pricing roll backs and opportunities!
24 townhomes(freestanding condos)vs.49 in 2008,20 below $1m,Some excellent locations and pricing for quality living with out the maintenance.

Make your own conclusions,but there was a definite shift in who spent money in 2009.Loans were tough to get and jumbo’s near impossible.Appraisals,good luck.There is no more of getting the number you need.The comps including bank owned properties and short sale are included in comps. 

Short sales were a reality along with bank owned properties at almost all price points.There are some great opportuniies here,even in the luxury segment,check out: www.996wedge.com New construction,fine finishes including 22′ ceilings in the great room,perfectly designed with a picturesque  views from every window.

The Seller and  bank are ready to move this property,call us for details.

 Our forecast for 2010 is that inventory will remain conisistant with 2009,and buyer’s that are tired of waiting for the bottom,will realize that life is short,and if you want the lifestyle,and pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe in your life’s plan,,why wait?
Interest rates are still low, combined with a healthy real estate inventory at all price points.
What are you waiting for? Review year-end  Lake Tahoe statistics below.


30 Somers Loop Glass stairs are famous,Crystal Bay,Nevada!

May 29, 2009

Did anyone see Law and Order Criminal Intent last night? Well Megan did….and guess what the U.S attorney on the program was standing on “floating glass stairs” similar to www.30somers.com  or  www.30somersloop.com .


These amazingly beautiful glass stairs are engineered double lamination safety glass,non slip and 1 and 1/8 inch textures.This home is a must see for your contemporary buyer’s. Essentially the Builder spent alot of attention to detail and dollars on magnificent appointments that will be appreciated by the most sophistocated buyer looking for that  New York or San Francisco”loft”appeal.The difference is that this home is tucked into one of the oldest neighborhoods on the Nevada side of the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.

You can lie on the couch and get peeks of the Lake,mountains and  be miles away from reality.

A few other  notable details,are one of the biggest showers I have ever seen,a steam shower at that.

Also this property has a top to bottom ELEVATOR…..we all know tha BabyBoomers want this.You do not see this ammenity in many homes in this price point.

So,if you have been looking for that perfect “cool” one of a kind luxury home at the Lake, do not wait another day.