Buy For You

November 5, 2010

Often when our team is working with buyers, what starts out as a  specific mission, “we want a ski getaway for the weekends”, gets off track.  The reason…the clients start factoring in the brothers, sisters, mothers in law, friends, friends of friends.  Suddenly the one bedroom “ski getaway” has turned into a three bedroom single family home. Our best advice is BUY FOR YOU! Go back to your initial plan; a place for you to enjoy on long weekends with your spouse, kids, friends, dogs or all of the above.  The purpose is to maximize your time at the Lake; skiing, hiking, boating or relaxing.  Most of us had to share a bedroom with a sibling or two and are familiar with sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags when we went away for family weekends.  Let the kids build a pillow fort in the living room and camp.  If you invite your friends for a FREE weekend at your condo, the pull out bed couch is a desirable option versus $100 bucks at the nearest hotel/motel! Smaller can be better and will help you acheive your dream of owning a vacation home and spending quality time together.   Weekend Getaway